Info (English)

We are a group of climbers in Turrialba, Costa Rica. Located at CATIE, our gym is among the biggest in the country and there're a lot of great tourism activities around us to complement your trip.

We can receive anyone, from people with no experience to PRO climbers (at least we can guide the PROs to some challenging routes in Costa Rica), from young 5 years old to some age limit imposed by you, from people looking for adventures and challenges to those who just want to stretch a little. Really, anyone. If you want to climb, you´ll climb.

English and Spanish teaching and guiding is available all year long (sometimes French and German is also available).

If you want to try it, don't hesitate to drop an email or ask your travel agency to contact us.

You can hire lessons or just guides for belay with $20, all equipment included. Fun is free and maybe (depends on the tree), free organic banana. You can bring your iPod or cel phone and enjoy your own music during the whole climbing session.